I’m Kirsten Schuil and a bird nerd since childhood. In my college days a friend of mine once teasingly called me a bird nerd because I heard a bird and immediately mentioned what species it was. But I actually kinda like this funny nickname and years later I now totally embrace it   

I love to watch and study the behaviour of birds and I think their songs are the most beautiful sounds in the world. By drawing them I learn more about their actual looks and it made me combine two of my biggest passions: birds and art.

To make other people more aware of the beauty of our ‘regular’ European birds, I mainly focus on those birds. I work with photo references, and I use my personal knowlegde of the bird’s characters. Most of my drawings I make with brush pen markers.

Beside drawing birds, I also like to draw things that I experience in daily life. My other proffesion is making animations and graphic design: www.anima.nl

I do sell postcards and prints of my drawings, and I also make specialy requested drawings. Please contact me if you’re interested in something!